Thursday, March 8, 2012

Simone's Balloon Newton Scooter Picture

Simone's Astounding Balloon Newton Scooter

   Newton’s first law is that an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest unless it’s acted upon by and unbalanced force. My Newton scooter was at rest until the air from the balloon (the unbalanced force) acted on it by pushing it forward. Newton’s third law of motion says that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. This relates to my Newton car because the action is the air coming out through the straw, from the balloon. The reaction is the wheels spinning forward and making the car go forward . I had one main challenge while making the scooter. It was the wheels. This was challenging because I couldn’t keep the wheels from falling off the straws. I kept the wheels in place by putting paperclips into the straws and bent them upwards so that there was a line sticking up that kept the wheels from falling off. If I had another week to work on my Newton scooter I would probably work on making the scooter go straight instead of zig zags. My favorite part of my scooter is the balloon because it’s red, which everyone knows is the fast racing color.

By, Simone Jacob

Simone's Baloon Newton Scooter videos

Trial one was accidentally deleted so it isn't here. In Trial one the scooter went off course right after being released.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cdavid's Mousetrap Newton Scooter

Newton's first law states that an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it.This law relates to my scooter in several ways. Firstly, my scooter will stay in the same place unless acted on by an unbalanced force, (aka the bow of the mouse trap). It will keep on going until friction slows it down and stops it. Newton's third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This law is evident in my scooter. When the bow snaps forward, the string pulls on the axle which makes the wheels spin. The wheels catch on the ground and make the car moves forward. I encountered many challenges along the way. When I first made my scooter, I put the wheels on backwards and had to redo the entire thing. I had to do a lot of tweaks to make it work but once I did, I was really proud. My favorite part of my scooter is the wheels. I spent a lot of time on them and they worked really well.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Charlotte P's newton scooter

My car works in relation to Newton's first law because once the air goes out of the car, it keeps moving because it was already moving. For Newton's third law, when the air goes out of the balloon, it pushes the ca forward by going out of the back and the car moves the other way. What I would change about my scooter if i had more time would be to find a way to make it go even faster. What I really like about about my scooter is that it's really simple and even though i wish it went faster, it doesn't go super slow.

vanessa's car

A problem that I had to over come was that my wheels were not stable enough. This affected my car because if the wheels were not stable it would be easier for the wheels to get stuck. I solved this problem by using a CD, which had the hole directly in the middle of the disk. My newton car is related to Newton’s first law of motion because, an unbalanced force, in this case is the rubber band the tension in the rubber band (when the rubber band tries to unravel) causing the car to move forward. Newton’s third law is related to my car because, air and friction is the equal and opposite force which acts upon my car causing it to stop. My favorite part about doing this activity is that I get to use trial and error. If my car does not work then I get to learn from my mistakes and adjust my car. My favorite part about this is also when I am so close to finishing and I finally make it move one and a half meters.

 by Vanessa Dippon

Jesse's Newton Scooter Blog

Newton’s first law is, “Objects in motion stay in motion until acted upon by a force. An objects at rest stays in rest until acted upon by a force.” How my car relates to Newton’s first law is that the car doesn’t move until I blow up the balloon. Therefore, its stays in rest until the force of the air coming out of the balloon pushes the car forwards. It stays in motion until the balloon runs out of air.

Newton’s second law states that, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” How my scooter relates to the second law is that the air from the balloon pushes at the air that is in the room, which is the action. The air that isn’t coming from the balloon pushes back, that is the equal and opposite reaction. Both forces pushing each other make the car go forwards.

I have had many challenges during this project. At first I tried to make a car made entirely of wood with four wheels made out of straws and cardboard. It was way too heavy and didn’t move at all. So, I changed my idea to a lighter, strawberry cart frame. But the wheels still didn’t work, and I was stuck with another failed attempt at a Newton Car. I kept trying to make the car work, but it never did. I decided that using wheels just wouldn’t work. I finally decided to not use wheels at all and attached two straws, put a string through one and a balloon on the other one. The string acts as a road and the balloon acts as the engine. Coco helped me build my scooter and now I have a functional Newton car.

My favorite part of the car is how it works without touching the floor. It is attached to a string that you tie to two chairs. The car uses the string as a zipline. The scooter stays within the meter wide boundary and can move quickly.

A thing that I would still like to fix is the fact that it takes a few seconds to move. Since it works above the ground, if it is too close to the ground it won’t move. If the balloon is inflated all the way, it creates too much friction against the ground and the scooter will not move until the balloon doesn’t touch the ground anymore. A way I can fix this is by moving the strings farther up the chair.

Nicole's Newton's Scooter

Newton's 1st law says that, "An object in motion will stay in motion, and an object at rest will stay at rest, unless acted upon by an unbalanced force." This relates to my newton scooter, because my newton scooter stays at rest until the balloon lets out it's air, an unbalanced force, and pushes it forward. Newton's 3rd law states, "Forces always occur in equal and opposite pairs." This relates to my newton scooter because my balloon is blowing air, and creating the pulling force, and the friction is the equal force, until the pulling force overcomes the friction force, and my scooter moves forward. One of my challenges was making the wheels. I put CD's around three straws, and it worked really well, but when it rolled the straws rolled too, and I couldn't figure out how to attach my balloon to the wheels. Then, I took a piece of thin cardboard and loosely folded it around the straws, so that they could still turn, but they were still attached to the car. One thing I would change on my newton scooter is to make it more colorful. My favorite part of my newton scooter is my wheels. they work really well, and look really cool!
~Nicole W

Caroline's Cool Newton Car

Newtons 1st law relates to my scooter because my scooter will stay at rest, until you coil the rubber band tightly around the axel. Once you let go, my scooter will no longer stay at rest because the rubber band is acting as an unbalanced force. Therefore my scooter will move forward. Newtons 3rd law also relates to my scooter because the rubber band coils the axel backward, but when you let go my car propels forward. This is because of the equal and opposite reaction stated in Newtons 3rd law of motion. My biggest challenge that I faced was  that the nail in my axel hit the wood of my car when it spun, preventing my car from moving. I fixed this by taking out the nail completely, and tying the rubber band around the axel in a way that it could still be coiled. If I could change one thing about my scooter, I would use a really strong and long rubber band so my car would have more force. Lastly, my favorite part of my scooter was the wheels because the CD's worked very well. 

By Caroline p. 

Linda's Newton Car

The Newton car relates to Newton's first law because the first law states that things at rest stays at rest and something in motion stays in motion until acted upon by an unbalanced force. And my Newton car stays at rest, but when my balloon is releases air (the unbalanced force) it caused my Newton car to move. The Newton car also relates to the third law because the third states for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. And the balloon on my car released air to push the car one way. The action was the air leaving the balloon and the reaction was the car moving forward. There have been a lot of challenges throughout the project. At first I couldn't get the car to move. I thought it was the car being to heavy, but it turned out to be the wheels. I thought the wheels weren't smooth enough, but it was the wheel and the rubber band. The rubber band was rubbing against the wheels. I had to change the rubber bands with a smoother material. Another challenge was when the car started to move but it went in circles. I realized that the wheels (again) where to close to my car. And the holes in the center weren't the same size. I had to change the hole in the center and to loosen the wheels.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cara's Newton Scooter ( The candy Rocket)

This is my newton Car. It applies to Newton's third law because the action is when I wind up the rubber bands on both the wheels that is the action and when the car lurches forward, that is the reaction. This also applies to the first law because my car stayed at rest until i (an unbalanced force) acted upon it. I would like to add more pink! I had to start over because my first design was too heavy. Here are my videos!

Madeline's newton scooter

My car demonstrated newtons first law of motion because if you blew into it and the balloon was everlasting it would go on forever.  It also demonstrates newtons third law because when you blow into the expo marker air will go into the balloon come out the expo marker to make it move.  Over the course of building this car I had to change my design completely many times including on the last day, when I had to use leftover materials, and run my car.  It didn't work even after I took it home.  To make it work I had to pull every thing off except the expo marker and the balloon.  The the balloon leaked a little so I would fix that, to make it go further.  My favorite part was the expo marker because it was unique and different.

By Madeline

Katie's Newton Scooter :)



         Newton's first law states: An object in motion stays in motion, an object at rest stays at rest, unless acted on by an unbalanced force. It relates to my newton scooter because my scooter wouldn't start to go unless it had the balloon pushing it foward. It then wouldn't stop until the force acting on the scooter making it move was less then the friction acting on it. Newton's third law states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. The action on my scooter was the balloon pushing out the air. The re-action was the scooter moving forward.  I  faced many challenges in the building of my newton scooter. I changed designs many times and each one has brought challenges. The first challenge was the fact that I couldn’t use pre-made wheels, I had to make my own. Also that sawing through a block of wood is much more challenging then I expected. A challenge I the whole time is not completely thinking through the design and when i was almost done with the design, figuring out a small glitch that would make the car not move. It is hard to try and figure out how to attach the balloon so that I can let air out of it, but not too much at a time or to little. The main challenge was just getting the car to move. I love my newton scooter but I would like to make it a bit more complex. I feel like it was pretty basic and yes, it did move but i just think it was pretty simple. My Favorite part of my scooter is the long stick going through the center of my scooter. I like this part because I wrapped it with pink sparkly paper :).
-By Katie